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Jay Ruby
AZ House

Marcia Smith
AZ House

Mike Fogel
AZ Senate

Meet Your 2024 Clean Slate

We are Democrats running to represent Legislative District One (LD1) in the Arizona State Legislature. LDI includes Yavapai County, Sedona, and the Village of Oak Creek.

We will protect individual freedoms so that every Arizonan has the freedom to decide if, when, and how they become parents.

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Your vote is your voice.

An Important Note

Arizonans deserve representation that respects our constitutional right to freedom of religion. We are running for office because voters need an alternative to MAGA-obsessed legislators who insist on imposing personal, extreme, religious beliefs on the rest of us.

Your current, Republican legislators Selina Bliss, Quang Nguyen, and Ken Bennett voted to keep the 1864 ban on abortion– a ban that was written by a serial child rapist at a time when the age of consent was 10. Their disregard for pregnant patients is irresponsible, shortsighted, and unsurprising given their extreme records on reproductive rights.

While Democrats were able to deliver a repeal of the ban to Governor Hobbs, we must get the Arizona Abortion Access (AAA) amendment on the November ballot. If you have already signed the petition, please check in with friends and help them sign as soon as possible. Click HERE to find a petition near you.

Ruby Smith Fogel Clean Slate