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Our Top Priorities


Rural Arizonans must have their basic needs met.

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Increase Access to Medical Care

Grow rural physician availability and reduce costs.

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Make Housing Affordable

Let local governments address short-term rentals.

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Protect Our Water

Monitor groundwater usage and take action to achieve safe yield.


Individual rights must be protected.

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Guarantee Freedoms

Protect personal lifestyle choices including if/when/how we grow our families.

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Ensure Fair & Free Elections

Make it safe and easy for eligible voters to cast their ballots, and for election staff to process them.

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Increase Public Safety

Recognize the regional threats of climate change like fire and drought.


Our general fund must prioritize public needs.

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Fund Public Schools

Rein in budget busting voucher schemes.

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Use Our Money Wisely

End corporate welfare – no more misappropriations.

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Manage the Border

Invest in tech to streamline legal immigration, target crime, and grow our economy.

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Protect Arizona's Water

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Guarantee Reproductive Freedom

More info coming soon.

Fund Quality Public Education

More info coming soon.

Renew the American Dream

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